Greetings, O My minions and followers!  As you may have noticed over the last few months, the Lair has been closed to all.  Fear not!  I have awakened from my long slumber to address your lack, and more.

While the Lair has suited My purposes for many years, I find that I have the need to shed My old skin and rise anew.  It is a time of change, and I think you will find those changes to your liking...  Hear Me, and rejoice!

New Layout
  • The Lair has changed very little since 1996.  The old design was relatively difficult to navigate compared to the state-of-the-art.  The new site will have a more elegant style that will make the treasures within easier to find.  And be less grating to Me personally, of course!
New Features
  • Public content will be searchable.
  • Minions will be able to register themselves through email. Followers will have somewhat more limited access to new features, but they need not wait upon My approval.
  • Discussion pits will return.  Minions and Followers will be able to discuss those topics I deem worthy.
  • Chat will also return to the Lair, for both Minions and Followers.
  • Minions will again be granted webmail privileges.
  • Minions may share files with other Minions.
  • Minions may create public and private photo galleries.
  • Minions may 'opt-in' to various mailing lists.  They may 'opt-out' at any time they choose.
Public Content
  • The content of My previous Lair will once again be made available.  Images, sounds and icons will be categorized.
  • My writings will be made available via a new Web Book page.  Minions will be able to comment.